Atlantic Technology T70.1 PBM

Atlantic Technology: Model T70.1 PBM
High Performance Powered Subwoofer


  • A long-throw 10″ driver with vented motor structure and 2″ high temperature, 4-layer voice coil This powerful driver has a very stiff treated cellulose pulp cone that acts as an almost perfect piston throughout its operating range. Its massive magnetic motor assembly and high temperature component parts deliver high performance and exceptional reliability.
  • A sealed enclosure for low distortion and deep bass output Sealed enclosure designs are inherently low in distortion and naturally deliver deep, smooth bass response with a gradual and predictable roll-off below resonance. As with all Atlantic Technology subwoofers, we have paid inordinate attention to giving you accurate musical bass reproduction along with terrific special effects.
  • A linear power high current Class A/B amplifier conservatively rated at 125 watts RMS The T70.1 PBM’s custom-designed discrete amplifier has been precision matched and equalized to its 10″ driver. It exerts accurate and powerful control over the driver for the best performance possible.
  • A useful in room working frequency range of 25Hz to 150Hz
  • A continuously adjustable 24dB/octave crossover with a range of 60 Hz to 150Hz This sophisticated crossover’s steep upper end roll-off slope of 24 dB per octave allows for exceptional integration with most any brand or type of satellite speaker on the market. In particular, the 24dB/octave design makes the T70.1 PBM ideal for use with compact, bass restricted satellite speakers.