Integrate your own drivers or components in the Windows installation CD or DVD using nLite

We come through a lot of problems in installing our own Operating Systems in our laptops, like “Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer”, etc. Here I have given a solution that will definitely solve these problems. Here we create our own Windows installation CD/DVD which will include all the drivers, etc. we want like the SATA driver. We have already seen one solution to this problem which uses the BIOS facility to activate the installation. The solution was a simple one but it is not ideal for some laptops.

We have to use software known as nLite to perform the driver integration operation. To download the software click here. For Downloading Intel SATA AHCI Drivers for Windows XP Click here. After successfully installing the software(nLite) follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Copy your Windows installation disc into some folder in your hard drive. Here I named my folder as WINXP.

Step 2: Open nLite. Click Next.

Step 3: Now Click Browse. Select the folder where you have copied your Windows installation Disc. Click OK.

Step 4: It will show the details of your installation. Click Next.

Step 5: As we don’t have any Presets click next.

Step 6: Here it will show the activities you want to perform. Select Drivers in Integrate section and Bootable ISO in Create section. Click Next.

Step 7: Now click insert and select multiple driver option.

Step 8: You can browse and select the driver folder you want to integrate. Select All and OK.

Step 9: It will show you the details of the driver. Select All and Click Ok. After that cllick next. It will ask for confirmation. Click Yes.

Step 10: After it completes the integration process click next.

Step 11: Now you can burn your disc. Select direct burn.
Step 12: Click Burn. Confirm Yes.

tep 13: Wait until it finishes. Click Finish.

Now you have successfully completed integrating the driver. You can use this CD for installation in any laptop where the SATA native is not supported.

You can use nLite for any purpose like integrating components, etc.

You can download the Intel SATA AHCI drivers from: