Sex Sofa Chair

Sex Sofa Chair:

Surprise your partner with something different.
Elegant sofa designed.
Make love chair.

Sex Chair – couple sofa
Couple sofa – sex sofa
Getting tired of having sex on the same mattress?

Couple sofa
>> it’s a photo sofa. S fit for time anatomy, love, no back pain or when legs.
>> couples with different height can make love, more convenient and more stimulating.
>> add a new novelty with a variety of love poses. Easy to use.
>> help solve sex problems or get tired of having sex that women don’t orgasm.
>> help to make love to wear more deep than ever, suitable for women who are finished.
>> help to have sex while pregnant without harm.
>> is a furniture used to decorate both in the bedroom. The living room is beautiful, chic, unique
>> Sofa Cushion is soft, produced from leather material well, wipe easy cleaning.

Research results found that 38 % of men prefer to have sex on the couch.
Where the couple sofa puts sex on your couch.
There’s more excitement and orgasm.

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